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Fossile Blätter des Ginkgo huttonii

Fossile Blätter des Ginkgo huttonii

Wanderer between worlds
The origins of the Ginkgo reach back to an age which we can hardly imagine.
Some scientists give the Ginkgo a geological history of 300 million years.
It is assumed that plants related to the Ginkgo were already growing in the Carbon age.
Therefore, already before the era of the dinosaurs, ancestors of the Ginkgo plant grew on large areas of the earth s surface.
It is certain that several species of Ginkgo plants existed 150 million years ago.
Fossil records of leaves from the Tertiary age on all continents proved that the archetype of the plant nowadays known as the Ginkgo plant already existed 60-70 million years ago.
However, the majority of the Ginkgo species retreated towards Eastern Asia during the Cretaceous period.
Here, the Ginkgo biloba survived the ice age.
In the side display cases, you can see some fossil records from various ages.
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- Translation by Susanne Wilm, 2003
- Update by Zenaida des Aubris, 2009

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